April & May Newsletter

We have uploaded the centre newsletter (Redwood Avenue) for April and May!

Click here to view it!

In this month’s issue, we have included the illness & exclusion policy as a reminder to parents and guardians; program news for the Redwood Avenue site; a note about outdoor play as well as a reminder about appropriate attire for both indoors and outdoors; and finally, an article regarding the proposed changes to Ontario daycare legislation and the website where you can provide your feedback on these issues. The deadline for public opinion and feedback is April 1st.

Parents of children at the Redwood Avenue site:
Please ensure when parking in the parking lot, especially during the busiest times of the school day (morning drop-offs and early afternoon pick-ups) that you are respectful. Please do not block other vehicles in their parking spots, park in the handicap spots, or park in the aisle. Please also ensure you do not park near the daycare entrance doors as this is a safety hazard – children exit and enter these doors when going outside and coming in everyday and this area is for commercial vehicles only. Thank you!