The school-age program is available for children aged 6 to 12. The unique individual needs of the school-aged child will be met in an informal, relaxing learning environment in which each child can make activity choices within a recreational atmosphere. The staff will provide stimulating, challenging and fun experiences through art, science and exploration, language and fitness activities. These activities will integrate the native culture promoting identity, language and culture retention for the children. The staff-to-child ratio for school-age children is 1:10, but can increase to 1:13 for arrival and departure time to allow for staff shift changes.

After School Schedule

The children arrive from school, either by bus or are picked up by the educator from the school at 3:20 PM. The children will head to the gym to spend their afternoon on games, creative art, books, and other activities pertinent to the childrens’ interests.

The children will combine with the preschool group at the end of the day when numbers permit. This includes staying within the 20% age mix allowed.