The toddler program is available for children aged 18 months to 2 1/2 years. The toddler program is designed to meet the needs found in this age group. Individual and group activities include discovery learning, music and story time. The staff ensure that the environment is safe, both indoors and outdoors. Emphasis is placed on setting up an appropriate environment to assist in the development of their independence. This leads to enhancement of their self-esteem and a refinement of self-help skills. The staff-to-child ratio for toddlers is 1:5, but can be up to 1:8 when indoors at arrival time, departure time and rest time to allow for staff shift changes.

To Reach the Toddler Program

If you have any questions or concerns specifically for the toddler program or if your child is enrolled in our toddler program, they can be reached at 807.623.9580, waiting for the prompt, and dialling 2.